I have just received an e-mail in my work inbox titled “calling all women of SharePoint”, that started with the words “Working in the male-dominated IT industry isn’t easy”. It […]

My web site was down for about 2 days, due to hurricane Sandy. Our town was affected only by strong winds: no major flooding or snow. The only inconvenience I […]

Windows 8 charm bar image

A couple of weeks ago I have found time to download release version of Windows 8 from MSDN that was available since August 15th. I installed in a virtual machine […]

Whatever you might think of Torvalds personally, this (Wikipedia) is downright impressive. The development of Git began on 3 April 2005.[12] The project was announced on 6 April, and became […]

The old Live+Press plugin is not holding water anymore. I patched it several times, but as WordPress evolves, it keeps falling behind. Time to move to something new.

On April 10, 2012 MS Vista enters extended support (slashdot.org). This means no new service packs or IE versions. And I am still using XP – both at home and […]