I have just finished (successfully) an intensive round of job interviews, and I wanted to write down my take on the modern trends. Disclaimer: this is a general discussion that […]

The Pólya Conjecture

I have finally memorized one simple mathematical statement that is true for pretty much any number you can think of, but is in fact verifyably false, with known counterexamples. The […]

TL;DR: XML signatures are trouble, because they are ridiculously hard to implement right. XML signatures in PHP are double trouble, because of lack of decent libraries. .NET security libraries are […]

I was doing some googling around the Boost log library, and here’s what came up: U.S. House backs bill to boost logging in national forests. www.peninsuladailynews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID…‎ Sep 22, 2013 – […]

“I can’t imagine naming a column “WasDeleted” under any circumstances. If it’s set to false, it’s redundant; if it’s set to true, it’s a lie. :)” http://ayende.com/blog/4157/avoid-soft-deletes, comment by Phil

After approximately 20 years, I finally found the meaning of ‘MZ’: the string that appears in the beginning of every DOS/Windows/.NET executable. It stands for “Mark Zbikowski“, the architect in […]

I just accidently gave .EXE extension to a file that was actually a .ZIP archive and tried to run it on Windows 7. What error do I get? Lo and […]