Downloading Oracle Driver for .NET…

feels like I am trying to download a semi-legal DVD-copying software.

It starts simple enough: just go to this page. Shows a list of things to download, it does not get easier than that. But when you click on the first link, it
– shows you another list
– then says you must accept the license agreement
– then says you must create an account
– this gives you a 3rd degree questionnaire with e-mail, company, your title, etc.
– then sends you an e-mail with a link you must click to verify your account
– the verification link (naturally) brings you to Oracle’s login page
– login page brings you to start page
– go back to downloads
– click link
– see another list, accept license agreement
– click on link, get something else (what gives?)
– click “back”, accept license agreement, click link

F-f-f-f-ew… You finally got it, dude!
Ivan, a proud janitor from Screaming Toys, inc., 42 Avenida de Las Juegas, Thimphu, Bhutan

P.S. Oracle actually knows the telephone code for Bhutan and won’t let you enter anything else for the phone number. How thoughtful of them.

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