This feature has apparently existed for years, but I found out only now. CLR has an equivalent of HTTP redirect for types, it is called You can move a class […]

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Athur C. Clarke While reviewing some code, I stumbled upon a class that receives an ObservableCollection<ILogFormatter> in the constructor. I discovered that this […]

I wrote a tool called “IsItMySource” that can list source files of a binary and, more importantly, check whether particular source directory matches the binary. The description is here: https://www.ikriv.com/dev/dotnet/IsItMySource/index.php. The […]

If anyone tells you unit tests are a waste of time, send them to this post. I am in the middle of some major refactoring of our bills generator. Billing, […]

This blog entry is mostly for documentation purposes, so I don’t forget what happened. TL;DR: WCF’s DataContractJsonSerializer cannot deal with JToken or JObject. If you attempt to include those in […]

CodeProject Simply put, async and LINQ don’t coexist very well. With “async all the way” approach, LINQ queries have to be unwound back into loops. Frankly, that’s a shame. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16866331/convert-async-loop-to-linq-query

async methods are not executed asynchronously: see Async/await FAQ, Does using the “async” keyword on a method force all invocations of that method to be asynchronous?). await task is not […]

Let’s say I have this code (C#): void SomeFunc() { HandlerOne(); HandlerTwo(); } async void HandlerOne() { DoX(); await DoYAsync(); DoZ(); } In this case HandlerOne() will return to the […]