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It makes things so simple, I really wish other languages had it. Today in five or six places I wrote something like _innerObject?.Dispose(); instead of if (_innerObject != null) _innerObject.Dispose(); […]

In ECMA Script 6┬átoString() function can throw an exception. This makes generating debug output a treacherous minefield. In all other languages I know toString() on built-in objects is safe, and […]

…Continued from Part 1. Arrow functions ES6 introduces arrow functions, which can take several forms: Besides being a shorter notation for function(), arrow functions have special rule for this. They […]

Java language specification defines “this” keyword in one sentence. EcmaScript 6 definition of “this” is about a page of pseudo-code spread over several paragraphs, and there is a good reason […]

The forth place in the JavaScript WTF competition goes to the amazingly large number of ways to represent lack of value. Most C-like languages have keyword null that means “no […]