Software Development

Code: Fibonacci sequence is defined as a sequence starting with 0, 1 where each subsequent member is calculated as fib(n) = fib(n-1)+fib(n-2). This yields an infinite sequence 0, 1, […]

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Athur C. Clarke While reviewing some code, I stumbled upon a class that receives an ObservableCollection<ILogFormatter> in the constructor. I discovered that this […]

Recently I’ve got another reminder why constructors should be simple. The situation in a nutshell: class BaseHandler subscribes to an observable in its constructor. The handler is virtual, class DerviedHandler adds incoming […]

WCF vs .NET Remoting

Remoting is about distributed objects, while WCF is about services. Remoting is capable of passing object instances between the client and the server, WCF is not. This distinction is much […]

Big corporations love uniformity: things are much easier to manage if they are all alike. But then they may also fail all at the same time, with catastrophic consequences. Remember […]

Just found this in production code: var fa = new FileAsset { Hash = tempFile.Hash, Length = tempFile.Length, CreatedOn = DateTime.UtcNow, Data = tempFile.Data, CompressedLength = tempFile.Length, Name = tempFile.FileName, […]

If anyone tells you unit tests are a waste of time, send them to this post. I am in the middle of some major refactoring of our bills generator. Billing, […]

In a piece of code I inherited from some smart, well meaning, but a little disorganized East European consultants, I found the following class hierarchy: RestClient (abstract) JsonClient (abstract) XyzClient* […]