I was too busy with my job to post anything here. Besides, for some time I was working on proprietary stuff, so I could not really post about it, and […]

TL;DR: Python type cast looks like an assertion: # Python x = expression_returning_Base assert isinstance(x, Derived) This corresponds to Java or C# // Java Derived x = (Derived)expression_returning_Base; In languages […]

"Register" is a new "buy"?

I needed an IRC client for Windows, and mIRC came up in searches as #1 recommended. It said something about “registration” during the installation, but I ignored assuming that registration […]

I am using a MacBook for work now. Got a stuck installer, trying to restart the computer. Messages (not exact quotes). The system: cannot restart, please exit installer [Cancel], [Try […]

Google had shut down Recaptcha v1 on March 31st, killing my feedback page in the process. I found out yesterday, fixed today. Pros: new captcha is much easier to use […]

Warning: this post is politically charged. Russia has just enacted a law that forbids dessimination of “untruthful information” over the Internet. The actual legal definition is very lengthy, but it […]