Why I would not recommend SSRS

I’ve been putting this off for a while, and it’s been a couple of months since I had actively worked with SSRS reports on a daily basis. Here are my […]

All your database are belong to us

Just tried to import some data from Excel into SQL Server. Got the following error message: You have selected to skip 4 potential lost column conversion(s). You are only allowed […]

1. Filter() and IIF work funny in the columns hierarchy. Consider this: SELECT FILTER([MarketValue], [MarketValue] >1000) ON COLUMNS, [Region].[Region].[Region] ON ROWS FROM [MyCube] In this case the MarketValue in red […]

Deploying Reports Download code. In Part 2 we talked about deploying SSRS data sources. Now we are ready reports. Reports are deployed using rs.CreateReport() method. It accepts array of bytes […]

In Part 1 we discussed that in development environemnt we deploy reports by simply clicking “Deploy” in BIDS, but this won’t work in production. To deploy reports in production we […]

So, you built your shiny and flashy SSRS report, and you hit “Deploy” in BIDS, or “SQL Server Data Tools” in newer versions. Your UAT is a breeze, and everything […]

I need to do some processing when rows are deleted from my DataTable. One would think it should be easy: after all, you have RowDeleting and RowDeleted events, that should […]