After trying to build a slightly above-toy-size project in F#, I came to the conclusion that with current tools it would be quite difficult to maintain a project of even […]

Typecast matters are complicated in F#. Unlike many other languages, F# does not perform implicit upcasts by default. E.g. if class Derived derives from Base, and we have let func( […]

F# has two kinds of data types – “classes” and “types”. Types are bags of bits, similar to C structs, only immutable (that’s C, without sharp). Classes are classes in […]

Here is my view on F# after about two days of playing with it. Disclaimer: I am just starting with F#. Some annoyances I talk about may be really insignificant […]

I was on a very intense project which was abruptly canceled. So, now I can a) write to the blog again and b) do some interesting stuff. This post is […]