We have added some Reactive Extensions support to our software. All went well until it went into the automated build. Nuget version could not handle System.Reactive.Core package: it would […]

Cannot connect to RDP

We have run into the strangest thing on our production machines, which are Windows Server 2012. The symptom is that you try to connect to the remote desktop, and immediately […]

I needed to make relatively minor changes to a JavaScript project created by someone else. They use minimized files, but I found that they don’t have a source map, they […]

After some uprade (VS 2015 update 3 install?) npm started to install packages into C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules, thus requirement admin rights and generally wrecking havoc. Previous installation location was %appdata%/npm/node_modules. Npm […]

I was trying to experiment with Typescript and Visual Studio code, and I found that there are at least three versions of TypeScript compiler one might have: 1. Microsoft compiler […]