Ubuntu: updates are installed, restart is required

I remember how Linux community used to scoff at Windows for constant restarts and boasted ever longer uptimes: “my server has been running without reboot for 5 years!”. Guess what, yesterday I logged in to my Ubuntu server to be greeted with an “updates are installed, restart is required” message. Apparently, this comes with the territory: automatic updates are required to fend off hackers and patch vulnerabilities, and with automatic updates come restarts. Welcome to the grown-up world, Linux!

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  1. The reboot will surely require it because it has to update the kernel, I have been using Linux for many years, I frequently update all the installed programs and it only requires me to reboot when it is an update to a new version of Lubuntu.
    The issue of reboots on Windows XP or 2000 was hopeless, for any nonsense it required a reboot. In Windows 8 and 10 they have improved it. Although I believe that great fault is also of the developers of programs for Windows.


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