Over the Thanksgiving week-end I have moved the blog to an Ubuntu virtual machine and have also changed the WordPress theme. The URL is still the same: http://www.ikriv.com/, but the […]

I needed to make relatively minor changes to a JavaScript project created by someone else. They use minimized files, but I found that they don’t have a source map, they […]

After some uprade (VS 2015 update 3 install?) npm started to install packages into C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules, thus requirement admin rights and generally wrecking havoc. Previous installation location was %appdata%/npm/node_modules. Npm […]

I was trying to experiment with Typescript and Visual Studio code, and I found that there are at least three versions of TypeScript compiler one might have: 1. Microsoft compiler […]

Previous: Shibboleth: controlling access to resources In this section I discuss non-trivial issues that arose when I tried to integrate Shibboleth with my IdP. Since I procrastinated too much, I […]

nUnit has a great feature of running multiple similar test cases via data-driven approach: [TestCase(“”, “”)] [TestCase(“q”, “q”)] [TestCase(“xyz”, “zyx”)] public void TestStringReverse(string s, string expectedResult) { var result = […]

Amusing fact #1: .NET framework does not have built-in class to load RSA private key from PKCS#1 (PEM) representation. I borrowed this: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/162194/Certificates-to-DB-and-Back Amusing fact #2: creating an RSA key […]

Previous: Shibboleth installation and configuration. Next: Shibboleth: Integration issues. SAML attributes Shibboleth allows or denies access to a directory based on the attributes of the user it receives from the […]

TL;DR Json.NET can serialize and deserialize dictionaries with simple keys like integers or strings. It can serialize, but not deserialize dictionaries with more complex keys. Longer version: Json.NET uses ToString() […]