I was playing with .NET 2.0 unmanaged hosting API. I am trying to customize assembly loading and “fix” some assemblies on the fly. I found an interesting gotcha, that I […]

I am playing with the binary format of .NET assemblies, described here. .NET metadata is stored inside regular Windows executable PE file. I explored PE file format in detail when […]

It’s been a long time – New Year, small vacation, etc… Getting back to the blog. By the recommendation of my colleagues I took the Framework Design Guidelines book in […]

The Mysterious Hang article has been updated. Prompted by an e-mail from a reader, I added a paragraph on how to solve the problem.

Trying it from work. The website is somewhat slow today. I wonder what may have caused it…

Just installed WordPress. The installation was not as easy as they try to tell you, but this was mostly mySQL’s fault. Still, it was not that bad. Below are the […]