Sun Java update – WTF?

I had a “Java update available” icon on my task bar for a while. Finally I decided to install it. I thought it would be something like a service pack that will update my Java and shut up. Something like Firefox updates do. Unfortunately, that was no the case. Somewhere in between clicking Next, Accept License, Finish, etc. it snicked in a check box saying “Install Yahoo toolbar” which was on by default.

I DO NOT appreciate force-feeding software on my computer using dirty tricks like this. If it says it installs Java update, it should install Java update, period. Yahoo toolbar is hardly a Java update, is it? I don’t really understand why Sun should resort to spyware-like practices like this. Maybe they get paid by Yahoo or something. Anyhow, it stinks.

Oh, it also advertised Open Office in one of those terrible fonts you often see on Linux when letters are uneven and next to impossible to read. Good job, Sun!

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