We went to the “Liza in the Palace” concert today, which is a four-week series of Minelli concerts on Broadway. What can I say… I’ve got mixed impressions from this […]

I finally got to download it. Well I TRIED to download it. It is amazing. I wonder, if they wanted to make it more difficult, would it be possible? First, […]

It looks like subtracting dates in .NET is done purely mechanically, ignoring such subtleties as time zones or daylight savings time. In particular, the UTC flag is ignored when subtracting […]

A violation of rule of least astonishment: in Windows Forms the focus is automatically set to the first element in tab order. In WPF (and in ASP.NET) it’s not the […]

Finally, after reading books about WPF I started to actually work with it. As usual, I start with complaints 🙂 It turns out that renaming a WPF form, especially main […]