Not really a programming topic, but… Had it for a while now – got it from work. Very lightweight and confortable phone. But I have Motorola Droid to compare, so… […]

So, it looks like we get two operating systems for the price of one. It has two styles of apps: one more suitable for a phone (a.k.a. “Metro” style) and […]

“Three large explosions from the sun over the past few days have prompted U.S. government scientists to caution users of satellite, telecommunications and electric equipment to prepare for possible disruptions” […]

Following some discussion in LJ, I came up with this. http://www.ikriv.com/en/prog/info/irr/. Someday I may translate that into Russian 🙂

Had a discussion with some friends where I said I don’t like SQL and consider it an atavism. They disagreed and said that SQL is a very insightful language and […]

How do you copy an SVN label to a folder? svn serverpath/tags/label destdir How do you copy a TFS label to a folder? Watch my hands: mkdir destdir cd destdir […]

I have downloaded Live+Press plugin for WordPress that can synchronize my WordPress-based blog and my LiveJournal. Of course, with my luck, nothing worked out of the box. After several debugging […]