HTC Droid Incredible 2

Not really a programming topic, but…

Had it for a while now – got it from work. Very lightweight and confortable phone. But I have Motorola Droid to compare, so…

1. The speaker sucks, as it does in any other HTC phone I saw. The volume on speaker is barely more loud than the volume without speaker. This is especially annoying when using the phone for GPS.

2. The phone app is brain dead. In Motorola it uses buttons with clear text labels: Phone, Call Log, Contacts, Favorites. Never got them confused. In HTC it is just icons, that

a) are not descriptive: the Icon for “people” is hardly different from the icon for “messages”

b) don’t fit the screen, unless you customize them out

c) if you don customize them out, you lose corresponding feature completely; e.g. if “send message” icon is not visible, there is no way to send a message to a contact, even via menu or anything else

d) they do this annoying dance when you select them, making you think they moved, but they actually did not. Whoever designed this “feature” should be sentenced to manually routing IP packets for life.

e) if you are in a call they somehow lock down to the person you are calling; when someone asked me someone else’s phone number during the call, I got totally stuck; the only way I found around it was to put “people” shortcut on the home screen

3. And now the killer: you answer the phone but dragging the screen control down (answer) or up (decline). Looks cool, unless the phone is in your pocket. Which means you auto-answer (or sometimes decline) the call while you are taking the phone out. Very bad ergonomics solution. They say there is an “easy answer button” app that fixes this, I will try it. But come on, HTC!

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