I have finally bought a modern OOA/D book: Craig Larman, “Applying UML and Patterns”). Martin Fowler recommends it as a good OO book in his “Patterns of Enterprise Applications Architecture“, and I tend to trust Martin’s opinion on this one.

The last full textbook I read on the subject of OOA/D was “Object-oriented analysis with applications” by Grady Booch, published circa 1994, which is quite old by now, even pre-UML. Of course, I don’t count the GoF , and many other books and articles, I am talking textbook level here.

This may be embarrassing, but that’s the truth: if you are doing real project development, you often don’t have time for textbooks. I will comment on the Larman’s book in this blog as I go – I found this as a best way to remember what I read and my thoughts around it.

I really like the book so far: e.g. it explains the difference between the A and the D right away, which is a good thing. It also has many catchy phrases like do the right thing (analysis) and do the thing right (design) which, while may be being obscure, help to remember the essence of the material.

So, more posts to come…

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  1. I love this book. My favorite quote from it is “Cheap, good and fast – choose any two”.


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