Is Google search getting dumber?

Is it just me, or is Google search really getting dumber? I am having more and more (perceived, not measured) difficulty finding things, and the search results become more and more stupid.

For example, if I google for Beethoven poems, hoping to find the famous Beatles joke, I get a page full of  weird unrelated stuff. The first result is titled “Beethoven’s immortal beloved letters” and does not even contain the word poem on the page! The following result is a poem about Beethoven (well, this kind of makes sense), but the next two results are from poetry search engines that proudly announce that they found zero poems by Ludwig van Beethoven (duh!). The Beatles joke is not on the first page, nor it is on the second or the third.

Search for “Beethoven poems joke” does not make it any better. And stuff like that happens more and more.

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