My blog has new home!

Over the Thanksgiving week-end I have moved the blog to an Ubuntu virtual machine and have also changed the WordPress theme.

The URL is still the same:, but the machine behind it is different.

I was running the blog off my home server for several years, but that server is now in need of a major upgrade. Thus, I decided to move essential parts of my web site elsewhere. In the process I have also updated the blog theme to something based on Stargazer.

Stargazer is officially designed as a ready-to-use theme that supports tweaks via child themes, and this is exactly what I wanted. It also is also responsive and mobile-friendly, while my old theme was not. Unfortunately, customization of some things was harder than I thought; perhaps I will write another post about it.

Also, I have a decent amount of static HTML content. Complete integration of it all into the new theme may require some time, but I will be working on it in the coming days.

So, here we are, welcome to my new and improved blog! If you find something funny, like unclickable links, cut off text, etc., let me know.


  1. Congratulations! We have noticed that your web site could attract more traffic and … Шутка. С новосельем твой блог 🙂


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