Windows 10 Install

I did a clean install of Windows 10 on a brand new SSD.

Good things:

  • It was relatively straightforward and quick.
  • It also rebooted seamlessly without requiring me to remove the DVD so it could boot from the hard drive.

OK things:

  • Most hardware worked out of the box, but not the speakers.
  • I was able to solve the speakers problems via a few clicks (update driver here, properties there), without going to Google

Bad things:

  • By default a lot of data goes to Microsoft: browsing history, typing information (whatever it is), et cetera.
  • It asked me a lot of questions about how I want to use Wi-Fi. The problem is, my desktop does not have Wi-Fi capability (shocking, eh?), but they never bothered to check.
  • It never asked me about the time zone and determined it “automatically” instead by putting me on the West Coast. Wrong!

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