Azure table storage is slow

Simply put, Azure table storage is too slow. The best I could get out of it was about 700 records/second for INSERT and 4600 records second for READ, which was unacceptable for the data sizes I had to deal with – several tables of around 100,000 records each.

Admittedly, I did not use batch operations, but it does not seem to matter: 700 records/second appears to be the true speed of the storage and it can’t be improved: see this StackOverflow article.

SQL Server, on the other hand, gave me and 1800-5000 records/second on INSERT (depending on the record size), and 30,000 records on READ, so I ditched the Table storage and went with the SQL server instead.

The data is summarized in the table below. Each value is records per second, higher values are better.

  Table Storage SQL Server
Read from Azure VM 4601 30332
Write from Azure VM 690 1867
Read from outside Azure 3858 34456
Write from Azure VM 213 1020

Of course, the speed is highly variable depending on server load, network conditions and the like, but the upper limit of 700 records/second for table storage INSERT appears to be quite stable.

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