Software Development

Following up on the previous post. Linux (and UNIX in general) has a centralized location for logs: that’s /var/log. Windows does not. The original idea was that you are supposed […]

Just explained my project to a new team member and realized UML does not have standard way of expressing data flow diagrams. Indeed, it is an object-oriented toolset, and data […]

I am discovering for myself the world of RSS, ATOM, and blog feed aggregators. I tried to find out what’s the difference between RSS and ATOM (here is a good […]

During the wonderful 4th of July weekend, I discussed with a friend the widening gap between the world of commercial software development and the world of “advanced technology”. I am […]

I finally got to download it. Well I TRIED to download it. It is amazing. I wonder, if they wanted to make it more difficult, would it be possible? First, […]