This is not as easy as it might have been. There is no Visible property on ModelVisual3D or GeometryModel3D. Approaches considered in this discussion on the Microsoft site include making […]

I was trying to draw a “raised” border around my control, something resembling a 3D window border in Windows. I.e. something like white on the outside, gray in the middle, […]

Dependency properties are a special feature of WPF that is similar in principal to regular .NET properties, with at least two functional distinctions: They support change notifications They support special […]

As I already mentioned, typing mesh positions by hand is not scalable, even for the simplest things like a cube. Meshes must be generated either by a tool or by […]

Lights, Camera, Model!

These are three main components of a WPF 3D scene. In fact, it should be more like “Lights, Camera, GeometryModel3D”, but “GeometryModel3D” looks ugly and messes up the rhythm of […]

Continuing to explore WPF, I wandered into the world of 3D. I decided to start small: let’s display a rotating cube. I built a little sample that is available here […]

Expression Blend: Setting Background

Setting window background in Expression Blend proved to be quite confusing. Of course, seasoned users would say it is beyond obvious and I am just an ignorant novice. This may […]