I was downloading C# 4.0 feature list, and Microsoft presented me with a several page license document. Somehow, when I see words “nonwithstanding the above” in a text, I don’t […]

I am discovering for myself the world of RSS, ATOM, and blog feed aggregators. I tried to find out what’s the difference between RSS and ATOM (here is a good […]

Someone I could not refuse asked me to “take a look” at some Excel macros written in Visual Basic For Applications (VBA), which is a limited version of VB6 running […]

One more time about TFS

Every day when I open my solution in Visual Studio I get this message box: After that Visual Studio checks out my solution file and a number of project files, […]

Since I work mostly with big corporate clients, I am at the mercy of their company policies. TFS had been released a while ago, but only now it makes its […]

I was lately inundated by spam comments. I was getting literally dozens of spam comments a day, and the number was ever growing. Requiring users to log in did not […]

We went to the “Liza in the Palace” concert today, which is a four-week series of Minelli concerts on Broadway. What can I say… I’ve got mixed impressions from this […]

Trying it from work. The website is somewhat slow today. I wonder what may have caused it…