I am discovering for myself the world of RSS, ATOM, and blog feed aggregators. I tried to find out what’s the difference between RSS and ATOM (here is a good […]

Someone I could not refuse asked me to “take a look” at some Excel macros written in Visual Basic For Applications (VBA), which is a limited version of VB6 running […]

One more time about TFS

Every day when I open my solution in Visual Studio I get this message box: After that Visual Studio checks out my solution file and a number of project files, […]

Since I work mostly with big corporate clients, I am at the mercy of their company policies. TFS had been released a while ago, but only now it makes its […]

I was lately inundated by spam comments. I was getting literally dozens of spam comments a day, and the number was ever growing. Requiring users to log in did not […]

We went to the “Liza in the Palace” concert today, which is a four-week series of Minelli concerts on Broadway. What can I say… I’ve got mixed impressions from this […]

Trying it from work. The website is somewhat slow today. I wonder what may have caused it…

Just installed WordPress. The installation was not as easy as they try to tell you, but this was mostly mySQL’s fault. Still, it was not that bad. Below are the […]