Here is my view on F# after about two days of playing with it. Disclaimer: I am just starting with F#. Some annoyances I talk about may be really insignificant […]

I was on a very intense project which was abruptly canceled. So, now I can a) write to the blog again and b) do some interesting stuff. This post is […]

In the previous post I covered why CAB dependency injection is limited. Now let’s see why it is entangled with other stuff. There are several things I want to mention […]

I am currently working on a CAB-based project, and I must tell you I am very disappointed in CAB IoC capabilities. Its IoC functionality is a) limited and b) intermingled […]

I wanted to create a logger that writes either to a file, or to the System.Diagnostics.Trace. To my astonishment, I found that .NET class library does not have a TextWriter […]

I was playing with .NET 2.0 unmanaged hosting API. I am trying to customize assembly loading and “fix” some assemblies on the fly. I found an interesting gotcha, that I […]