As many people have pointed out, WPF in its current form is far from point-and-click experience. This is how you set background image on a windows form (not WPF): Select […]

Creating an elliptical button proved to be not as easy as some claimed. I would hardly describe it is “a snap”. <Button Shape=”Ellipse”/> would be a snap, but the reality […]

Yes, I know, WPF is old news and it had been released almost three years ago – it is a well petrified stone axe for most cutting edge developers. I […]

During the wonderful 4th of July weekend, I discussed with a friend the widening gap between the world of commercial software development and the world of “advanced technology”. I am […]

Since I work mostly with big corporate clients, I am at the mercy of their company policies. TFS had been released a while ago, but only now it makes its […]

Roundup, an bug/issue tracker has a nice approach to ORM. It is written in Python, they have a file called schema.py where you define your database schema in Python. It […]

So, I am still looking for that hbm2ddl tool. I have opened the source project and built everything there. No hbm2ddl in sight. I could, of course, just write an […]

I was recently doing and small research project and got kinda tired of mechanically spitting out all those boring chants like using (var cmd = new SqlCommand(“SELECT foo, bar FROM […]

One not so bright day I connected my laptop to the home network and discovered that I lost name resolution. I.e., I could ping other computers by IP address, but […]