Software Development

I was preparing for a presentation on MEF, and I stumbled upon this sentence: catalog.Catalogs.Add(new DirectoryCatalog(“C:\\SimpleCalculator\\SimpleCalculator\\Extensions”)); “This absolute path is for debugging purposes only. In a production application, you would […]

As one of the commentators correctly pointed out, it does not make much sense to create value objects such as Order via dependency injection, so my previous example was perhaps […]

A couple of days ago I spent some time trying to find how to make Unity call a factory method when user requests an object. Then I forgot about it, […]

Besides what I described before, I also attended sessions on WCF 4.5 and Visual Studio debugging. Changes in WCF 4.5 are relatively minor, the biggest one being support for server-side […]

I work on a project that uses Unity dependency injection framework. You get objects from container by calling Container.Resolve<SomeType>(). By default each call to Resolve() will return a new object. […]