I have just run into a problem: a test passes fine on the CI sever, but breaks on my machine. Reason: it gets a wrong config file. Root cause: when […]

This blog entry is mostly for documentation purposes, so I don’t forget what happened. TL;DR: WCF’s DataContractJsonSerializer cannot deal with JToken or JObject. If you attempt to include those in […]

CodeProject Simply put, async and LINQ don’t coexist very well. With “async all the way” approach, LINQ queries have to be unwound back into loops. Frankly, that’s a shame. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16866331/convert-async-loop-to-linq-query

Long, very technical story, interesting only to Windows Store programmers. Recording this mostly to document the experience. Scenario 1. We have a universal app that contains a Windows Store and […]

Observing Unhandled Exceptions In .NET unhandled exceptions can be observed via AppDomain.UnhandledException event: AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException += myHandler; // C# In Win32 unhandled exceptions are observed via SetUnhandledExceptionFilter call: SetUnhandledExceptionFilter(myfilter); // C/C++ […]

If you marshal WPF windows between processes, or do any other cross-process remoting, you can get this error on an unpatched .NET Framework 4: Invalid type code in stream ‘Invalid’ […]