I have just finished (successfully) an intensive round of job interviews, and I wanted to write down my take on the modern trends. Disclaimer: this is a general discussion that […]

I noticed that whenever I pressed arrow keys on the keyboard, my mouse cursor moves in funny ways. This felt quite creepy, as if some software was trying to intercept […]

In the beginning, Brian and Dennis created C, and C had the void keyword, and Brian and Dennis saw that this is good. It all went downhill from there. In […]

This feature has apparently existed for years, but I found out only now. CLR has an equivalent of HTTP redirect for types, it is called You can move a class […]

“Any sufficiently¬†advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Athur C. Clarke While reviewing some code, I stumbled upon a class that receives an ObservableCollection<ILogFormatter> in the constructor. I discovered that this […]