A funny story about Mac hardware

I have a MacBook Pro now, courtesy of my new employer, but it only has four USB-C ports and nothing else, so none of my existing hardware could connect to […]

I am using a MacBook for work now. Got a stuck installer, trying to restart the computer. Messages (not exact quotes). The system: cannot restart, please exit installer [Cancel], [Try […]

I have moved my blog to DigitalOcean platform: they provide a decent virtual server for $5/month, with static IP address to boot. It’s all highly scientific now: I have moved […]

A docker containing not running anything particular in the foreground will exit immediately after start. Specifying /bin/sh as the startup command does not help. Some Internet sources suggest tail -f […]

I have just finished (successfully) an intensive round of job interviews, and I wanted to write down my take on the modern trends. Disclaimer: this is a general discussion that […]

I noticed that whenever I pressed arrow keys on the keyboard, my mouse cursor moves in funny ways. This felt quite creepy, as if some software was trying to intercept […]