In C# code you can write something like decimal d = 1e-10m; However, decimal.Parse(“1e-10”) throws an exception: “System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format”. Not cool.

Time and time again I am burnt by the same bug. There are two kinds of enumerables in .NET: enumerators and generators. Enumerators go over some collection and return its […]

Posted a larger and more structured article on the (somewhat surprising) capture rules for outer variables inside C# lambdas. http://www.ikriv.com/en/prog/info/dotnet/Lambdas.html

I had an interesting bug the other day. I wrote a foreach loop along these lines: foreach (var entry in controlsByName) {     entry.Key.SomeEvent += (sender,args)=>{ProcessControlName(entry.Value);} } Looks innocent enough, […]