Software Development

In a nuthsell, SimpleXMl has two things broken: 1. Elements that represent “emtpy” tags evaluate to false. This is weird design. 2. Other elements sometimes evaluate to false due to […]

The following code does not work as expected: $xml = simplexml_load_string(“<root><a/><b>text</b></root>”); $node = $xml->xpath(“/root/a”)[0]; if ($node) process($node); // process($node) may not be called for some valid nodes Unlike most other […]

I run into the same story time and time again. Someone stumbles upon a bug that they cannot explain. All plausible reasons are eliminated, but it still does not work. […]

I was recently tasked with creating a Windows Store (Metro, WinRT) version of an existing app. This is my first WinRT project. Documenting my experience so far: 1. So called […]

“I can’t imagine naming a column “WasDeleted” under any circumstances. If it’s set to false, it’s redundant; if it’s set to true, it’s a lie. :)”, comment by Phil

I just accidently gave .EXE extension to a file that was actually a .ZIP archive and tried to run it on Windows 7. What error do I get? Lo and […]