Just write a quick macro for Visual Studio that would replace < with < and > with >, etc. I am probably the 1000th person to do that. Yet, it […]

Continuing on a theme of bugs: just added an article about perils of cancelling combo box selection to the web site. Will post it to CodeProject soon. CodeProject

I have finally published it. WPF 3D demo demonstrates features such as 3D bodies (duh!), control templates, data binding, etc.

Continuing to explore WPF, I wandered into the world of 3D. I decided to start small: let’s display a rotating cube. I built a little sample that is available here […]

Creating an elliptical button proved to be not as easy as some claimed. I would hardly describe it is “a snap”. <Button Shape=”Ellipse”/> would be a snap, but the reality […]