As certain other “highly integrated” Microsoft technologies, entity framework seems to be high maintenance when it comes to refactoring and moving things around. To move an .emdx file from one […]

I currently work with some numeric methods that accept large quantities of data as inputs. Normally the input comes from a database. As I was writing the tests, I needed […]

Another tool I tried today. The idea is very cool, but I don’t like the fact that after I “link” the database I suddenly get gazillion changes to commit. I […]

As per this survey, RedGate SQL Compare is one of the best SQL comparison tools on the market. I downloaded a trial today. It works fast, produces safe synchronization scripts […]

After a long while I am back to dealing with databases directly from ADO.NET. Guys, this is ridiculous. Any serious library designed like that would be heckled. This is what […]

Roundup, an bug/issue tracker has a nice approach to ORM. It is written in Python, they have a file called where you define your database schema in Python. It […]

So, I am still looking for that hbm2ddl tool. I have opened the source project and built everything there. No hbm2ddl in sight. I could, of course, just write an […]

I was recently doing and small research project and got kinda tired of mechanically spitting out all those boring chants like using (var cmd = new SqlCommand(“SELECT foo, bar FROM […]