Headerless Grid Screen Shot

Just finished writing a piece of code that would save and restore grid field positions and widths. Yes, I know they have a function for that, but it saves and […]

Very brief note, so I don’t forget the circumstances: I may write a sample later. When you define Prism region in your view like this: <igDock:TabGroupPane prism:RegionManager.RegionName=”SomeRegion” /> Prism has […]

It is official: Prism regions don’t work for a tab control inside a tab control. The reason is described here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8592802/tabcontrol-within-tabitem. Simply put, there is only one instance of the […]

“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black” H. Ford Trying to figure out how scoped region managers would work […]

What keeps bothering me about MVVM, is that user-defined views behave very differently from built-in controls. We use built-in controls like this: <ListBox ItemsSource=… SelectedItem=… /> If, however, ListBox were […]

I did more investigation on the bindings (duh, only two months later). It turns out the bindings are replaced when the value of the target dependency property is replaced. This […]

I am kinda tired of this MVVM/bindings crap. I feel like my hands are tied, for variety of reasons: 1. Bindings don’t work with properties of properties, because they rely […]