As part of the conanfile.py, add the following: def generate(self): toolchain = CMakeToolchain(self) toolchain.variables[‘CMAKE_VERBOSE_MAKEFILE’] = ‘ON’ toolchain.generate() CMakeDeps(self).generate() Build output without CMAKE_VERBOSE_MAKEFILE: [ 78%] Building CXX object cpp/test/unit/CMakeFiles/IntegrationTest.cpp.o Build output […]

I am starting to suspect that ChatGPT is emulating humans too well when it comes to parsing requirements. I asked it to write a Python program that, among other things, […]

I bought a laptop with Windows 11 preinstalled, and ran into too many usability issues. They are not critical, but annoying, and it looks like I can downgrade my laptop […]

This post compares random number generation in “the old days”, and in modern C++. This is how we used to do it: #include <cstdlib.h> srand((unsigned)time(NULL)); // seed the random number […]

I was too busy with my job to post anything here. Besides, for some time I was working on proprietary stuff, so I could not really post about it, and […]