Hacker’s diary

Following up on the previous post. Linux (and UNIX in general) has a centralized location for logs: that’s /var/log. Windows does not. The original idea was that you are supposed […]

I had a surprisingly difficult time trying to figure out how to set folder permissions in my windows service installer. Here’s the story: I have a Windows service that writes […]

One more time about TFS

Every day when I open my solution in Visual Studio I get this message box: After that Visual Studio checks out my solution file and a number of project files, […]

I was recently doing and small research project and got kinda tired of mechanically spitting out all those boring chants like using (var cmd = new SqlCommand(“SELECT foo, bar FROM […]

One not so bright day I connected my laptop to the home network and discovered that I lost name resolution. I.e., I could ping other computers by IP address, but […]